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New class for the season 2024 !

There is new class for the season 2024 in European Classic Motocross CUP (ECMX)

EVO pre 85

In this class bikes until 1985 are allowed.

The reason is to offer a class which is between Twinshock and EVO pre 90. It would be shame to build a newer bike from twinshock bike.

Rules for this class are:

-          Front wheel disc brake is allowed

-          Water cooling system is allowed

-          Bike can have one rear shock

-          The linkage system has to be equal the year of manufacter

-          In case that the bike has exhasut valve system, it can be used

Some examples:



There are two systems:

Until 1983

And until 1985



For other manufacters please go to, where you can find many pictures and documentation.

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