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Bikes up to 1974
No significant changes may be made.

50-, 50+, 60 +, 66 +, 72+


Bikes with two springs, air cooled engine, drum brakes, conventional forks

50-, 50+, 60+

EVO 85

Bikes up to the year 1985

Front wheel disc brake is allowed

Water cooling system is allowed

Bike can have one rear shock

The linkage system has to be equal the year of manufacter

In case that the bike has exhasut valve system, it can be used

Bikes up to the year 1990

50-, 50+

Super EVO

Bikes up to the year 1996 (no aluminium frame)


There are 2 practice sessions and 2 races of 15 minutes plus 1 lap. Depending on the number of riders present, the organizer can merge classes or carry out preliminary heats. The classes are classified separately according to age groups.


The overall classification is made according to the following points per race:

1st place  25 points

2nd place 20 points

3rd place  16 points

4th place  13 points

5th place  11 points

6th place  10 points

and so on.

Each class is classified separately. Place one to three will receive trophies. The best 125cc riders are also awarded in the EVO classes.

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