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Schwanenstadt (Austria)

MSV Schwanenstadt
Niederholzhamer Straße 15
4690 Oberndorf bei Schwanenstadt


Teutschenthal (Germany)

Geschäftsstelle MSC Teutschenthal e.V.
Motocross-Strecke “Talkessel” Teutschenthal
06179 Teutschenthal


Stříbro (Czech Republic)

Automoto klub Stříbro v AČR
P. O. Box 32
Palackého 643
CZ - 34901 Stříbro

St. Peter's Terrain is the oldest domestic motocross circuit. On July 18, 1948, the very first motocross race of the then Czechoslovakia took place here. Since then, our terrain has remained in constant operation in the same place. During its history, it has hosted top national and international races, the most important of which were the five Motocross World Championships held during the 1970s.

The area is located in a deforested basin about 1 km northeast of the town of Stříbro (Tachov district, Plzeň region). It is a permanent racecourse, which allows the season every year during lasting from March to October for the organization of competitions and training activities. The track itself is on an aluminous-clay base and its character ranks among the classic natural tracks. Of course, a number of artificial jumps are built on it today. In larger races, the track is extended by a section above the clubhouse, where the competitors are led by a spectacular jump over the road crossing the area.

The administrator of the complex is the Automoto Club Stříbro in the Czech Armed Forces, a branch association of the parent Autoklub České republiky. We use the renovated clubhouse building for our activities, there is a typical tower and buildings with facilities for the organizers at the starting line, a number of smaller buildings were gradually built in the depot, incl. sanitary facilities. Thanks to good management, the racecourse has always kept pace with the times even after decades of establishment, it is one of the leading tracks at the national level.

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